Kuwait arrests Philippine "Daashah"

Kuwaiti authorities arrested a Filipino for allegedly swore allegiance Daash terrorist planning an attack in the country, as reported by the state news agency KUNA Kuwait.
According to sources, the Ministry of Interior in a statement published that the woman when she was born in 1984 entered Kuwait last June "visa household labor ... and through contiguity and Tkhabrha with that terrorist organization in Libya , using the name of a different nickname in an attempt to escape and evade censorship and monitoring security devices . "
The ministry added that it " was able to monitor one electronic accounts operated by the accused" and found the messages continued through them with the militant group in Libya.
The ministry also confirmed that the accused acknowledged and recognized after confronted with evidence and proof that she was ready to carry out any terrorist act once they have had the opportunity to do so and immediately provide the necessary means to target a particular group of Kuwaiti society with a view to destabilize security and stability in the country and sedition.
Kuna and published a picture of a woman wearing a black veil and cloak and said , "It 's the culprit."
Kuwait was thwarted three attacks last month of mercenaries Daash including an attack on a mosque after the arrest of a militant campaigns