Syrian army repels attack the South's military colleges in Aleppo and killed hundreds of terrorists

A military source confirmed that the units of the Army and Armed Forces in cooperation with allied forces operating in the south and southwest of Aleppo reinforced their positions in the vicinity of military colleges after the successful containment of the major offensive carried out by terrorist groups on Friday evening on the direction of military colleges and inflicted heavy losses.
According to the source's SANA that army units directed concentrated blows to terrorist groups that tried to infiltrate the military colleges and destroyed three vehicles bomb and six tanks and a number of mechanisms and vehicles equipped with cannons and machine guns and wiped out more than 300 terrorist in the farm area south of the military college in Aleppo.
The source pointed out that the weapon Lago in the Syrian Arab Army , carried out in parallel intensive raids which destroyed dozens of vehicles including the on Khan Tuman-axes colleges, school Gmh- colleges, colleges Bazo- hill, Zorba-Aleppo, Orme Kabry- Aleppo.
The source said Friday that the army units and support from my weapon atmosphere in the Syrian artillery Arab army responded to attempts to infiltrate terrorist groups to the number of military posts on the axis of colleges southwestern city of Aleppo , which resulted in " the rhythm of many of the terrorists dead and wounded and the destruction of dozens of armored vehicles and armored of them "pointing out that" warplanes carried out 23 air strikes on gatherings and the headquarters of the columns of the terrorist organizations Brive Aleppo over the past few hours , resulting in " the killing of tens of terrorists and destroyed several headquarters, armored vehicles, armored cars loaded with weapons and ammunition and bombs."
And suffered terrorist organizations affiliated under the name "Army of Conquest , " during the last four days of heavy losses of personnel, materiel , where frustrated army units and armed forces in cooperation with allied forces air cover thick of warplanes All attempts by terrorists to the progress of rural southern and southwestern direction of the city of Aleppo.