31 experts Czechs begin training Iraqi pilots at the base of a country

Said Czech Defense Ministry, all directly advisers team of trainers Aviation Czech training Iraqi Ttiyarien on the 159 planes the Czech at the base of the country, north of Baghdad, as showed that the team's mission will continue until the end of next 2018, it confirmed that the team will contribute to the strengthening of the Iraqi army's capabilities.
A spokesman for the Czech Defense Ministry Peter Medic in a press statement transferred site Prague Daily and seen by the (long-Presse), "The team Czech Republic is composed of 31 members, including coaches aviation technicians and experts, logistical support and military protection of personnel have been deployed at the base of a country within the international coalition efforts to fight al (Daash) ", adding that" the team's mission in Iraq will continue to reduce year-end 2018 ".
Medic said that "members of the Czech team will continue to train Iraqi pilots who have recently completed their training on the leadership of the- 159 aircraft in the Czech Republic, who started since June multiplying organization sites."
He Medic "The aviation adviser to the Czech team will contribute in enhancing the capabilities of the Iraqi army."