4 Iraqi raids abort her plans Daash attacks to hit Baghdad and southern provinces

Iraqi planes foiled the F16 through four air strikes in Al-Qa'im District planned to organize Daash launch a process launched under the name "Great Battle of Baghdad" under the supervision of its leader, al-Baghdadi, according to reports from the war the media cell.
He revealed a high intelligence source said on Friday that the "Great Battle of Baghdad" that the hawks were thwarted by the intelligence cell, on Thursday, was aimed at a terrorist act similar to what was the bombing of Karrada in central Baghdad at the beginning of the month of July. He stressed that this scheme thwart the side of citizens "humanitarian catastrophe."
And it saw the Karrada district, central Baghdad, early last July, a suicide car bomb driven by a suicide Class deadliest of its kind since 2003, which claimed the lives of hundreds of victims among the dead or wounded and left considerable material damage.
He said the intelligence source (range Press), "The air strike carried out by the aircraft of the Iraqi F16 depending on the hawks cell Information spared the citizens a humanitarian disaster," noting that "the terrorists had planned a major foray to Baghdad, especially in the areas of (Al-Mansour, Kadhimiya, Palestine Street, Baya , Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, the Waziriya). "
The source, who requested anonymity, that "the terrorists were planning to detonate bombs and suicide bombers by the wheels has prepared five new wheels for the implementation of the carry-like material wheel Karrada bombing which claimed the lives of hundreds of citizens."
In the same context, under the command of joint operations cell said, in a statement, received (range Press) copy of it, "Hawks intelligence cell, managed to thwart a big terrorist plot tried to supervise directly the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to target the capital Baghdad and the southern provinces the number of of bombs and suicide bombers wheels ", pointing out that those" desperate attempt named after invading the greater Baghdad / conquest. "
Harbi media cell and added that "the men of the right to a cell hawks have done vigorously, accurate and sustained effort to follow up on those criminal process and frustration after four painful blows to the dens of gangs Daash terror in which bombs wheels and suicide bombers there in coordination with the Joint Special Operations Command guidance," indicating that "F16 aircraft and directed strikes successful and unsuccessful to those sites. "
She explained the cell that "the first air strike was in Al-Qa'im District 370 west of Ramadi, Karabilah - near the modern market, and resulted in the killing of 18 terrorists, including 11 suicide bombers, and injuring three others, two of them in a very serious condition," pointing out that "the most important of those killed terrorist Abu Junaid, resident of Fallujah, and works in the so-called mandate of Baghdad detachments transport, the terrorist Abu Ahmed Almraaoa, deputy officer the former regime, the terrorist Raad Hamid, a suicide bomber, terrorist Younis al-Ansari, a suicide bomber, the terrorist Abu Qaswarah al-Jubouri, a suicide bomber from the Tarmiya. "
According to a statement to the media cell of the "also among the dead, the Saudi terrorist Abu Abdullah, who is responsible for the legal headquarters, and the Iraqi terrorist Abu Dijana, suicide, and the terrorist Abu Suleiman al-Ansari and Iranian terrorist Abu Maria."
Cell He noted that the "additives that were destroyed were included explosive belts have killed all of the terrorist Abu Abdul Rahman, Abu Hammam, a leader of the former al-Qaida-old up to 36 years and a security official in Daash feet of Mosul with a group of suicide bombers, as well as terrorist Bashar killed Ismail, a resident of Mosul, which is a process officials, 40-year-old. "
The cell stressed that the "second strike was based spend and also led to the bombing of three wheels bomb" and continued that "the most important killed in the strike, the terrorist Abu Qatada al-Ansari."
The media cell that "third strike, targeted cross-added and led to the killing of 13 terrorists, some bombers and the blast wheel booby-trapped and destroyed neighboring dens and resulted in the killing of a group of collaborators with al Daash They are the inhabitants of Fallujah," indicating that "the most important of deaths in these terrorist strike Abu brocade, above the official added bombers. "
Cell and followed that "the fourth strike targeting explosives stored in the Euphrates district, in Alsnczyk, and added the store, and resulted in the killing of 11 terrorists from private security to transportation, has also led to an explosion wheel bomb pocket type gray color, and a store of explosive and explosive belts," pointing out that it is "the most deaths in a strike terrorist Abu Hammam, security official special transport, and the terrorist Abu Maaz, assistant Abu Mahmoud Kurdi, a Saudi national-old up to 37 years, he worked in Afghanistan and traveled to Yemen in 2013 and then left to Syria in 2014, and left with terrorist Khalid Jamil Kma'le to Iraq / Mosul, and work in the transfer of foreign terrorists into Iraq. "