Alliance International: five thousand fighters to Daash into the connector.
We still expect a tough battle

A US military official announced that the organization Daash terrorist fighters in Iraq's stronghold in Mosul, "weaken" and they show signs of frustration before the start of the Battle of the restoration of the city. And it holds the US-led international coalition forces, provide support, training and advice to the Iraqi and Kurdish forces, which is locked in months fighting since to advance towards Mosul in preparation for an attack for the second largest country towns controlled by the organization Daash terrorist since 2014. restore said coalition spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Chris Garver " see them weaken in Mosul (...) we see some indications that the morale down. "
He added that at present, for example, the organization's leaders carried out executions of fighters because of the "failure on the battlefield," he said, adding that they "are not happy with what they have achieved in Mosul." Fighters began Daash worried about the population of the city continues with the Iraqi security forces, cut off the Internet.
Garver said that the same thing happened in Fallujah and Ramadi before the restoration of these two cities.
However, the US military official warned that the battle for the restoration of Mosul, which is expected to begin in the coming months, it will not be easy.
Garver said, "we continue to expect that there are about five thousand fighters in Mosul, and we still expect a tough battle."
Mosul and other big Iraqi city controlled by regulating Daash.ooalent British Ministry of Defence last Wednesday that two Bratanitin participated in the bombing of the alliance Monday targeted a palace formerly of Saddam Hussein in Mosul, northern Iraq, on suspicion of organizing Daash that made him a base.