Defense Minister threatens to sue Mserbi first questioning session

Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, yesterday, that it would sue the first squadron of the questioning session, which was a secret to the media to expose the information affecting the army and serve Daash. The MP Hanan al have questioned, late last year in closed session and Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi and ended the interrogation applause from deputies to the minister questioned. Obeidi said in a statement posted on its website and seen (long) it yesterday, "aired one of the satellite channels Day (August 5, 2016), Proceedings of the secret session of the House of Representatives held on (October 3, 2015) to interrogate Khalid al-Obeidi, the defense minister." The statement said the defense minister, "although the head of the legal committee then Judge Mahmoud al-Hassan announced that the meeting confidential and should never be displayed to the public to prevent the leakage of the information contained therein to the terrorists, especially that which he stated is a military facts affecting the core of weapons and equipment and the structure and management of the Iraqi army." . The defense minister said that "leaked to the media at this particular time raises more than one question about the significance of the timing of the leak and charge him sign, but which proves what we went from having supported seeks to destroy the military institution and the damage to them, so we will not give up the right of the military establishment legal in prosecuting and holding accountable those who ordered the leaked to the media. " He said al-Obeidi, "We are for the purpose of cutting the road on some diagnosed parties have who consents to the work itself and seeking to weaken the military and undermine the prestige and the prestige of her pimp and Amreha and its officers and Mratbha and soldiers, we have decided that we answer all the questions that received interrogation and presented in a timely fashion in front of the Iraqi people ( except it affects our military secrets and life-threatening), because everyone knows the extent of injustice inflicted on us by the chairman of the meeting time, which prevented us from getting carried away in the face of the argument and the argument question to answer healing, and to clarify the confusion and extortion that preceded that meeting. "