Security and stability in Salahuddin encourage foreign companies to invest in agriculture

08/06/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 60

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Confirmed Investment Authority Salah al-Din, on Friday, that the security stability has encouraged foreign companies to invest and agricultural projects in the province, as promised donor countries went to the granting of loans "to encourage strategic projects in the agricultural sector."

The general director of investment Salahuddin Ammar Jaber Khalil body, in an interview with (long-Presse), said he "welcomed the delegations of the two companies, one Spanish and Italian Other, to discuss investment in the agricultural sector to maintain jobs," noting that "the attitude of the donor countries to help the Salah al-Din in grants loans is to encourage strategic projects especially in the agricultural sector to the social benefits. "

Khelil said that "security and stability encouraged those wishing to work to make contacts and submit their projects according to Kharttna investment amounting to more than eight opportunities in agriculture and especially in the cities of Samarra and the role and Dhuluiya sector."

It is noteworthy that the investment in the Salahuddin province, called on Sunday, (July 26, 2015), to the adoption of a plan to attract investors in the safe areas of the province, as demanded an investment in the health and agricultural sectors, stressed the need to take legal action against recipients of investment opportunities those who have not started their work.