Baghdad will perform 13 hotels from five star category

06/8/2016 12:00 am

Confirmation of security conditions stabilized and the multiplication of tourists
Baghdad Wafa Amer

In a move confirming the stability of the security situation and the multiplication of visitors to the country and to support the tourism sector, investment Baghdad revealed the existence of 13 projects to build five-star hotels in the capital comparable to those in the world's finest.

Chairman of Eng Shaker Iraq said in SMC «morning»: to ensure Baghdad investment interest in all sectors supporting the country's economy, including the tourism and hotels which received much attention in contribution to replenish the capital of tourist hotels, first class item to add to the recreational and tourism facilities.

The Commission implemented the project of establishing international hotel in the Qadisiyah district near Haifa Street in Baghdad by one competent local companies trading and General Contracting and 8000 square and 700 square meters, including four thousand and five hundred square meters will be constructed on them.

And noted Iraq that the rest of the space will be devoted to building another building project, stating that the project cost of 75 million dollars, includes construction of a five-star hotel comprises 15 floors with a four-storey shopping mall and multiplex multiple occasions capacities and cafeterias and restaurants, revealing his achievement rates from reaching 25 percent.

According to the head of the investment authority that the hotel sector received considerable attention through scrutiny examine requests for construction of hotels vacations must be charged in accordance with specifications good and sober world, revealing the presence of 13 projects to build hotels in the capital, confirmed that they match those in the world's finest.

In the same vein, it was revealed near complete draft (Babylon Mall) in the Mansour district of Karkh side, having reached very advanced stages to completion, stating that the project investment cost of $ 15 million, constructed on an area of over 2 dunums, consists of seven floors, and 52 shops.

Iraq said that the project has designed corresponding to international standards in building commercial malls, noting that what distinguishes the monumental sculptures project is a nice addition to the Mall and interface simulate the Babylonian civilization such as lion of Babylon and Ishtar Gate.

The project also drew a route to market popular heritage with hiring a building basement to build shops fit youth and small entrepreneurs in terms of size, price and location, to sell goods, carpets, antiques, ancient heritage to mimic the old industry and the art of Baghdadi heritage.

Within the investment projects in the capital also, Iraq continued engineering and technical staffs of the Commission, its work to create a floating restaurant on the banks of the Tigris River in Jadiriyah, cost $ 5 million and by completing more than 70 percent, pointing out that the project design characterized by the blending of tradition and civilization, which would make it one of the highlights of the capital.

He continued: the project is located on the banks of the Tigris River, consists of a three-storey restaurant and banqueting and parking, all services will provide high-quality and citizen wishes to Baghdadi away from monotony in other restaurants to develop River tourism styles
In the future.

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