Interior looking border ports investment

2016/8/5 20:21

Baghdad: Euphrates news} searched Friday Interior Ministry, border ports investment implementation tasks.

The Ministry said in a statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it today, that the "administrative and financial agent of the Ministry of the Interior Akil meeting soon to facilitate the tasks of implementing the investment land border gates and putting their own designs and remunerating the services meet these ports."

The first meeting of the enlarged the Special Committee members create border ports by investing and representatives of a number of ministries of finance, health, transportation, and agriculture.

"The meeting discussed the most important initial designs for buildings and installations for border project, as reviewed by each Ministry's view of competence and extent of these designs to their needs to ensure maximum benefit and meet the needs of all ministries and expatriates and employees at ports, which will be reflected in a civilized manner to all State institutions and its standing."