Next road transport: Mon biggest contract for the transfer to the provinces of Sulaimaniya Cement signing

2016/8/5 23:08

Oan- Baghdad]

General Company for Land Transport, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Transport announced that it will sign a contract described as "the largest on the company" to transport cement from the province of Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan province, to all provinces.

And transfer to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, for the company's general director Abdul Amir al-Muhammadawi, saying, "The next Monday the company will sign the biggest contract of carriage since it was established to transport cement from Sulaymaniyah to all governorates of Iraq."

Among Muhammadawi, said: "This contract will provide significant job opportunities and for long periods of time positively reflected on the reality of the company and employees."

He pointed out that "the beginning of next week will see the annual profits of the company for 2015 distribution," he said, adding, "The company has completed all financial and auditing procedures and obtained the ministerial approvals to be these profits were distributed to the company's employees."