Deputy for Kurdistan: what happened in the interrogation of al - Obeidi session attempt to "sabotage" the political process

views 74 08/05/2016

MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Salim Hamza that what happened in the interrogation of al-Obeidi and the launch of the charges against the President of the House of Representatives and a number of members of the session is an attempt to "sabotage" the political process and "destroy" the parliamentary role.

Hamza In a statement he followed Buratha news agency said he was the first Secretary of Defense not to call the charges against the deputies, but offers information and evidence to the Iraqi judiciary and not through the media, noting that al-Obeidi was believed that the interrogation process is targeting political.

He said: This is the kind of confusion and chaos, far from the legal context, noting that the parliament formed a committee to investigate the facts and the statement of the validity of the charges in the case to reach the facts will be presented to the courts for negligence.

It is said that the House of Representatives session on Monday, 01/08/2016, assigned to interrogate Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi has seen scandal heavyweight where he was al-Obeidi, a number of accusations against the speaker and some MPs of corruption and extortion attempts for and protect it from previous interrogations and current military deals, has Thread sparked a sensation on Sassi, popular, and media level, prompting Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to form a committee to investigate the accusations and temporary ban both named in the questioning session.