The help Committee investment funds permits in Iraq held its second meeting


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The help Committee held licenses for investment funds in Iraq the second meeting Wednesday at the headquarters of the Iraq market for securities.

Executive Director of the Iraq market for securities, Taha Abdul-Salam told singled out by economics news that under the guidance of the Central Bank Governor on relationship formed a Committee headed by the Central Bank and the Securities Commission membership Iraq market for securities companies registration service and Iraqi private banks Association, to study and develop investment funds permits help on Iraq, noting that the Committee had held two meetings to date where the first meeting was in July and the second meeting day (3).

Abdel Salam added that some paragraphs on the work of this Committee to complete its work in developing these instructions by regulating the legal basis and legal adjustment to the work of investment funds in Iraq.

He explained that the funds we are affecting Iraqi investment and economic development and attracting national savings as well as savings of foreign funds for the Iraqi economy investment funds could be could be Iraqi and foreign.