Justice Minister: Iraq from more countries in the region have an obligation to apply human rights standards

2016/8/5 11:05

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Justice Minister Haidar Iraq, Iraq from more countries in the region have an obligation to implement human rights standards.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Justice received {Euphrates news} "Iraq received the official library of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Council Member Salama Khafaji, referring to Iraq's commitment to international human rights standards such as his dealings with convicted implementation comeuppance according to law if found guilty of the offence and granted the right of defence and ensure you get a fair trial, contrary to some countries in violation of the rights of the accused and not getting fair trials."

The Minister stressed that "human rights at the heart of the work of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry management commissioned after the abolition of the Ministry of human rights contributed to devote efforts to raise the level of work that side."

He pointed out that "the Ministry is sponsoring the human rights of the citizen in the supervision work of forensic services SOA, adding to her care needs of inmates in its prisons as well as to ensure the right of victims to the rhythm of comeuppance who assaulted."

The Minister was responding to the request of the Ukraine in the area of assistance to the Commission in order to carry out their tasks to the subject of human rights, opening prospects for cooperation through the formation of joint committees between the Ministry and the Commission to achieve greater human rights principles on the ground.

Discussed the role of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Council Member, Khafaji, the last decision of the safety Cabinet for transmission repair service events from the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs to the Ministry of Justice, as falling within the sphere of competence of the Ministry in the Prison Department under the Government's reform paper, also included discussions discuss file culling and recent amendments to relevant laws in this regard.