Senior checklist calls for land investment to remedy the country's economy and closer tournaments fighters {Extender}

2016/8/5 14:11

{Karbala: Euphrates news}

called religious reference in Najaf, land investment to the country economy reformation renewed its call to close tournaments fighters against terrorist Islamic State to gangs.

The representative of the Supreme reference in Holy Karbala, Sayed Ahmad Safi during Friday prayers at the Holy Al-Husseini dish and your correspondent {Euphrates news}, "urged the Islamic Street to invest all the energies and create living supplies so that the strength of the State and its economy is based on exploitation as territories."

Stressing that "leave the land without being invested is defective.

And turning one story NET fighters against gangs of ISIS, who wanted a sermon in Diwaniyah governorate girls after 5 years of waiting for approval, approved with the girl, and during the fight against gangs of Saba neighborhoods late last month that injured fighter subsequently lost his feet having been amputated, populated recommended to apologize for his fiancée for the dissolution of the speech and the response by the girl unlike what he thought was over.