Basra launches a program to train young people and trying to replace them with foreign labor

Twilight News / Chairman of the Commission on oil and gas in the Basra Governorate Council Ali Shaddad Knight announced the launch of a training program in cooperation with the Basra Gas Company for the rehabilitation of young job seekers and incarcerate them in specialized courses to acquire different professions. Said Knight in an interview with Lord of Twilight News, said that this program, which attended by 120 young people from all districts and areas comes in the framework of the efforts of the local government to invest in human capacity and help young job seekers to get Al jobs decent, "pointing out that" the trainees will receive a international certificates and daily wages as well as the rest of the other services. " He jockey to "that most of the oil companies argue the lack of skilled labor in the province of Basra, or the lack of local employment obtain international certificates to enable them to work in places decent," pointing out that "this program will cut off the road on these companies and force them to replace the foreign nature of their employment with citizens and the appointment of local Basra sons in locations right for them. " Knight "The province of Basra, home to 740 domestic and foreign companies operating in the oil and gas sector and most of these companies need to governing the employment of skilled disciplines, where the training program seeks to prepare local cadres world-class to fill these opportunities and replace them with employment and foreign," calling " young job seekers from the people of Basra province to participate in this training program and do not search for simple jobs Kaharasat driving and some other service businesses. " He said, "The training program lasts for the entire month of receiving the trainees in which lessons theoretical and practical in welding, electricity, heating and cooling and operation of heavy and light equipment in addition to teaching them safety requirements and some administrative skills, will be given at the end of the session international certificates validated engineering technical college in the province of Basra and the Academy of Basra training. "