Observatory: Daash held three Yazidi .. and some of them were transferred to Europe

Twilight News / Freedoms Observatory for the defense of battered women reveal the number of detainees at the Yazidi Daash terrorist organization, as the United Nations called on to intervene and stop the process of buying and selling Alaesideat in some state of the region and Europe.
The head of the Observatory Haider Sheikh in a statement commemorating genocide Yazidis, is continuing its effect, "what he suffered Yezidis by al Daash terrorist crime and genocide in modern history, it is still on the Iraqis, especially after the killing of men and abduction of women and Aghtbbahn at the hands of gangs do not know the limits of God" . "The genocide of Yazidis left dozens of mass graves in Sinjar, Mosul and other parts of Iraq," pointing out that "the number of detainees Alaesideat Ankhvz to close to 3,000 women after it was 3,500 woman Yazidi being held by the organization Daash terrorist." Sheikh said that "the transfer of terrorist Daash precipitant Alaesideat women from Mosul to the Syrian tenderness and other areas between Iraq and Syria that are under its control, in addition to this case, is being held in the women's prisons under the ground." And between Sheikh that "Daash terrorist leaders and human traffickers they sell women Alaesideat to some countries in the region and Europe illegally," and urged the same time the UN Baaltdechl and to stop the process of buying and selling Alaesideat in those countries.