Member of the parliamentary economy: political instability adversely affects the economic support for Iraq

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} attributed to economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary Ahmed Salim, on Thursday, the international concern to provide economic support for Iraq's political instability.

Salim said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News} today that "exacerbate the recent political crisis cast a shadow over the economic situation and negatively affected the gain the support of some donor countries for Iraq, and this must be taken into Alaapatarr because donor countries wary of the lack of political stability."

"The political instability in the country creates fear when most of the donor countries by giving them loans or economic aid or reconstruction of the infrastructure of the affected areas and to support the war against Daash."

He noted that "political instability affects negatively to help Iraq to overcome its economic crisis."

He was a member of the parliamentary finance committee Haider al-Kaabi said a statement earlier told {Euphrates News} "The World Bank granted a loan of Iraq did not meet the actual need for a temporary solution to the crisis, likely to" take advantage of the loan funds to meet the shortfall in salaries while is dedicated to the advancement of health and agricultural Balqtat and infrastructure .

He said Kaabi in "The World Bank loan for ISD the need for Iraq, noting that" Iraq needs $ 119 million to meet the staff and the salaries of retirees, and in the past has declined prices Aalnaft continued economic crisis, despite the fact that Iraq is exporting about three million barrels of oil but sell a barrel of oil at a price less than seven dollars below the market price, as well as the existence of logistical expenses for the price is less than 10 to $ 13, as Iraq gets $ 25 net for each barrel, to be the revenue obtained from the oil of 75-80 million dollars and imports daily, while the actual need is 120 million per day for the piece, Iraq recorded a deficit of 40 to 50 million dollars a day.

He pointed out that "This loan is a temporary solution to the crisis, while he was supposed to establish health services, infrastructure, and services and productive farm, and took these titles which that turn into a health cuts and infrastructure but I think it will be used to meet the payroll, and resolving part of the crisis." .

He added that "Iraq is required of domestic borrowing $ 40 billion, and there are debts to rounds licenses, and money petrodollars, there is debt owed on Iraq and the International Monetary Fund, stressing that" the survival of the price of a barrel of oil on what it now will be difficult for Iraq to get out of the crisis. "

The International Monetary Fund, and international partners, the World Bank had agreed to give Iraq a loan of {15} 1 billion .anthy