Parliamentary integrity called Obeidi next Saturday after meeting balgbori accused of corruption

2016/8/4 17:18

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

parliamentary integrity Committee, intends to call the Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi on Saturday accusations made during the interrogation session, the Council President Salim Al-Juburi, the number of deputies in corruption cases concerning the Ministry of defence.

The Committee Member said the heart of the Agency Haider {Euphrates news} to "parliamentary integrity Commission today resumed its investigation into charges the speaker Selim Jabouri, a number of representatives, attended the meeting, volunteers said Deputy Hanan's PM, tightened and the number of names mentioned in the interrogation session.

He was asking questions to the audience and there were important answer of VIPs, "neutrality of the Commission's work and she's standing at the same distance from all parties, and that the Commission will present in the coming days important results of investigations to the public opinion regarding lalathamat raised."

He noted that "Deputy Hanan's PM and tightened and Jabouri attended to the Committee voluntarily and was meeting them separately, adding that" there are calling them by the Commission but was attending before informing them of that. "

It was announced that "next Saturday the Committee will summon Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obaidi and other characters, there are a number of names emerged during the investigation will summon them too."

He noted that "the investigation has seen record notation for important answers public opinion and justice."

It is said that Defence Minister Khaled Obeidi accused during questioning on Monday, House speaker Selim Jabouri and Iraqi forces Deputy Mohammed Al karboli of corruption in an arms deal, accused Deputy DG interviewer convert real estate file containing eight lawsuits against it as he said that Mullah Haider Anglet cut drag questioning Deputy Hanan's PM and Mullah told him I was calling you and I near's PM to pull interrogation against Mali.

Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi arrived to engender integrity today to make a statement concerning the arms deal accusations addressed to a number of House members led by Council President Salim Al-Juburi.

He was President of the Commission of integrity Hassan Al-yasiri said Wednesday, that the Commission will hear testimony Thursday Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi on recent remarks at the meeting House, "shown us that" the Commission does not need to apply for a waiver from Allen and father mentioned in comments, whether because of the Commission are preliminary investigative procedures, explaining that the Commission will summon all the names mentioned in the meeting, starting with President of the House to the other members.