The Election Commission confirms the continued development of electronic card voter information

2016/8/4 15:05

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} independent High Electoral Commission announced Thursday, continued its work on developing the electronic card voter information.

He said Chairman of the Board of Commissioners zawbai abudi told {Euphrates news} today "UNHCR procedures for developing electronic card voter information which contains his information and his photo and fingerprints, stating they know the voter in the election."

"The card to learn voter and not only through the election and would reduce fraud in the election and cannot be used."

And between zawbai to "business card into my voter ID then sign in custom log then goes to polls we register albayromtri to set up an electronic voter register is balanced, absolutely true need parliamentary project system determines how the polling across Iraq."

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners that the project covered by the albairomtri of Omar {18} yrs and is in Iraqi provinces while preparing 23 million voters.

"The UNHCR started a while ago to work on the project and ends up completed all procedures covered."

It is said that continuous registration office, albiomtri and invites all citizens surveyed to review albiomtri registration centres for the purpose of taking fingerprints with personal picture in preparation for electronic voter register discreetly in preparation for future elections.

The House launched political parties and organizations act number {36} for 2015 and endorsed by the President and published in the Official Gazette and had taken office procedures in forming parties and Affairs Department issued instructions, procedures and rules of conduct for work to receive applications for registration in accordance with the law.