The opening of a gas station in the neighborhood of Cairo.

2016-08-04 at 14:11

Baghdad the balance of news

The Ministry of oil, gas station, Cairo, new mantle in Rusafa side, according to specifications and technologies to equip citizens with the gasoline.

He said oil products distribution company General Manager Mary during the opening ceremony, which was held by the way his presence/balance of news, it's "political commitment to develop distributive ports and filling stations were rebuild and develop comprehensive gas station Cairo in Rusafa side to equip citizens with the high petrol alaoktain so this is the eighth high gasoline processing plant alaoktain in Baghdad.

Musawi said, "after the Cairo station is 4 stops equip citizens with high fuel alaoktain in Rusafa side and 4 others in Karkh side".

He noted that "the Ministry within their plans to develop the services provided to citizens across the distribution sector keen on opening the Cairo station to equip vehicles with high quality alaoktain gasoline priced at 750 dinars per litre as well as equipping citizens with the products of oil prices".

He said the cost of rebuilding and developing the station was less than planned, the Government gas stations make up 20% of the total filling stations in Iraq, where the private sector in this side 80%. "

He said oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said "the Ministry continues its action to provide better services to citizens through rehabilitation and development of outlets processing and filling stations in accordance with the specifications of downstream access to citizens with high flow according to the specifications of global productivity.

The Ministry has opened outlets to equip gasoline on alaoktain in Baghdad and the provinces as well as continued processing improved fuel affordable r supported.