Representative financial new Bill to regulate State banks

4 August, 2016-2:23 pm

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-

the parliamentary Finance Committee, revealed Thursday, about a new law to regulate State banks, work within the Committee.

With eye to this law would erase all previous laws for banks, said Committee member Sirhan Ahmed in his press release today: "there is a special law to state banks, and that the law under consideration and discussion in the Finance Committee."

Ahmed added, "this law would erase all previous laws for banks, this will be a unified law." he continued, "I started the first reading toAnyone so far has not been completed, being composed of 22 legal material and wrote several reviews around. "he drew Committee member, he" asked bank managers comments on law ", stating that" the Commission worked out a new formula law in legal texts serve banking transaction for the citizen and the Government.

"Ahmed", next week will also address this law within the Commission, for the purpose of expediting accomplished