The Basra gas launches a program to train the unemployed

Thursday 4 August 2016-1:36 pm

The Basra gas company announced the launch of the community development programme in coordination with the oil and gas Commission in Basra to rehabilitate young people unemployed.

Said the oil and gas Committee in the provincial Council on the sidelines of the starting ceremony Knight shaddad training program in continuing education center to "Technical Institute training program comes to develop the capacity of young job seekers", stating that "the trainees of 120 people from various districts and areas of conservation training program will be after them with certificates enables them to get different jobs."

Meanwhile, between Basra gas company director Simon diamond to Basra suffers from many problems, including lack of employment opportunities in addition to the lack of experience in the oil business so Basra gas company held in cooperation with the provincial Council and SoC and southern Technical University to organize a programme concerned with young people to develop their own abilities that help them get jobs in various oil companies operating in Iraq. "

Technical University President said Dr Muzaffar Oxfam South "honest professions that will train youth in this program include welding, electricity, as well as the maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning and turnings, noting that" these professions are the most wanted Iraqi and foreign companies.

He noted the number of trainees at Marbad radio reporter's conversations to "the importance of this programme, considering it a real stream to ensure their access to jobs with oil companies after obtaining diplomas in both Arabic and English.

It is said that the program will embark next Sunday to teach young 120 different occupations construction and turnings and electrical installations etc.