"Daasha client" reveals details and plans to hit Europe

Harry revealed Sarfo, a German who grew up in Britain, and fought alongside Daash in Syria, details related to the planning organization for the implementation of synchronized terrorist operations in France, Britain and Germany.
He said Sarfo, if Daash leaders asked him to return to Europe in order to carry out attacks there, pointing out that Daash face great difficulties in recruiting people in Britain specifically.
He Sarfo, who is facing a prison sentence in Germany Currently, the organization 's leaders asked him: "Would you mind to return to Germany? This is what we need at this time. We want simultaneous process."
Sarfo said in an interview published by the newspaper "New York Times" the US, on Wednesday, that Daash leaders think constantly and planning to carry out simultaneous attacks in different European countries.
He said Sarfo, who studied construction engineering at a college of London, said that the organization Daash "managed to recruit people in Britain and Germany, but many of them Takazloa from participating in any attacks."
He added: "they said to me that there are many people in Germany are not willing to do the job, because they are still as new , " noting that "they probably were afraid to carry out attacks."
He also revealed that the organization Daash "prefer to recruit people already convicted of crimes in Western Europe." "The organization 's leaders appreciate in particular those who have ties with organized crime groups."
He explained that the organization 's leaders "prefer to recruit members as well as they can get their identities and forged passports, or have ties with gangs to smuggle suicide bombers into Europe."