Enhanced security measures in London after a "knife attack."

British authorities decided to strengthen security measures in London, as of Thursday morning as a precaution, to exercise caution and advised the population, after a knife attack that killed a woman and wounded several others.
Police said they arrested a man in connection with the incident , which occurred in Russell Square in central London.
The attack , which occurred on Thursday morning, killed a woman and injured six other people, while police suggested that the bomber to suffer from mental disorders.
And it announced an initial toll injured six people in the attack , including a woman, died after the arrival of paramedics, while later , police said the number of injured six.
The health status of the injured and the nature of their injuries did not specify.
Police said in a statement they had arrested the bomber after the electric shock gun, a young man at the age of 19 years.
She noted that she look for in a striker suffering mental disorders as a key factor behind the attack, but it also does not rule out the suspicion of a terrorist act, as explained they receive support from the anti - terrorism unit.
British police sealed off the area and strengthened its presence in the place.
The attack comes a day after the Metropolitan Police 's announcement that it will increase the number of armed patrols in London, part of new measures to combat terrorism.
The head of the Metropolitan Police , Sir Bernard Hogan Howe warned on Sunday that a terrorist attack in the UK "is a matter of time."