Security Council fails to find a solution to Pyongyang's missiles

Failed UN Security Council held an emergency meeting, Thursday, August 4 / August, against the backdrop of the latest missile test of North Korea, to agree on a statement about this at all , despite strong condemnations.
Said Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the United Nations, it was confident that the Council brings together a quick condemnation of the missile test launch , which she described as "another attempt (by North Korea) to strengthen their menacing."
Secretary - General of the United Nations Ban Ki - moon condemned the launch, according to his spokesman , Stephane Dujarric, adding that such acts strongly regional peace and stability undermined.
One rocket landed, was launched from North Korea, in the sea off the coast of Japan, on Wednesday, in the process of launching has condemned as "shameful" and a threat to peace in the region.
South Korean Defense Ministry said it was the launch of two ballistic missiles simultaneously, despite the fact that one of the rockets exploded after launch it immediately.
Defense Minister Jin Nakatani said the second rocket landed about 250 kilometers off the Island Ouja on the west coast of Japan coast.
In the meantime, the agency "Yonhap" news agency said , quoting comments of President Pak John Hay South Korea has changed the location and severity of the US "Thad" system developed for missile defense in Songo southeastern province of the country due to health and environmental concerns of the population.
She added: "Given the concerns of the inhabitants of Songo , we will examine different locations if there is any alternative recommended by the military site."
And South Korea announced in July that the battery of the "Thad" system will be deployed in the agricultural province, sparking protests from residents worried about the potential negative impact on health and the environment.