The Baghdad Council votes to convert people to spend and Unbind balaazmih

2016-08-03 at 20:36

Special the balance of news

Baghdad provincial Council voted unanimously Wednesday to transform the city people to spend and Unbind Azamiyah city, indicating that the development of the judiciary will be reflected positively on the provision of services.

County Board decision said Farhan Qassim/balance of news, that "the Council voted Thursday during its weekly unanimously on development spending, which will include people alive and orchards and seven palaces of walfhamh."

He added, that "developing positively reflected people spending on it services and allocation of health centers and a Bank and a police station," pointing out that "the Council seeks to increase the number of administrative units in order to contribute to raise the proportion of its services.

Baghdad, suggested earlier, converting the capital city of North-East people spend independent of administrative spending Azamiyah because of population density and increase the size of the space enjoyed by