Urgent urgent. Fairness hearing tomorrow to brief the Secretary of Defense about corrupt files and field teams are

2016/8/3 21:26

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Hassan Al-yassiri, the head of the integrity Commission to Commission Thursday to hear Defense Secretary Khaled Obeidi on recent remarks at the meeting House, "shown us that" the Commission does not need to apply for a waiver from Allen and father mentioned in comments, whether because of the Commission are preliminary investigative procedures, explaining that the Commission will summon all the names mentioned in the meeting, starting with President of the House to the other members.

Al-yasiri pointed out in a press release received {Euphrates news} copy to composing the body field teams open mod files and especially the issues mentioned such as feed the soldiers walhmrat the cars {Mercedes} and the aviation deal and other issues and contracts for the Ministry, and will be announcing the results of this difference first hand as the successful experience of the mobile field teams composed by the Commission in a number of State ministries and institutions, resulting from the assignment of senior officials to justice and return billions of dinars to The State Treasury, as well as stop wasting vast sums.

He noted Al-yasiri question his mindful in resignation submitted earlier by saying "Although Prime Minister resignation to presentation in late Ramadan unless the circumstances and especially what happened finally in interrogation Mr Defence Minister prompted me to wait on further action to resign; general interest and importance and seriousness of the information contained in the interrogation session.

And stressed from being blackmailed and bargaining to the judicial authorities and regulatory agencies; in order to Institute the necessary legal proceedings against the racketeers and the bargainer "however did increase height or believed strongly partisan or political backgrounds" certainly da ready for body set against any official or politician or person engaged in extortion or threatening to staff or responsible; to their home or forced to indulge or slide into corruption at the expense of public money.

Demanded officials and citizens to cooperate with the Commission through informing them of racketeering; to perform operations set in the Act for those involved to be an example to others, and that exposure to extortion or actual bargaining notice concerned from regulatory agencies and the judiciary, this legal obligation and not an Institute or a particular mood; lest we miss the opportunity to arrest the people involved and they metlb Sun-handed, lest he be executed or weaken the evidence later "invitation to citizens and officials and members of the House to lend the Commission with evidence And psychological tests are supported, particularly those relating to bargaining or blackmail operations for State officials or Government officials for the purpose of subjection or their home about serious right and engage them or force them to toast or condoning corruption; and the necessary investigative steps to khazeha.