Investment Authority: issuing investment project of Imam Hussein Airport leave [p] the end of August

2016/8/3 21:00

[Oan- Baghdad]

National Investment Commission announced that the issuance of the investment project of Imam Hussein Airport leave [p] International in Karbala province will be at the end of this August.

The head of the Sami al-Araji, while attending the Karbala Provincial Council regular session today that "the Council of Ministers will issue the investment license for a draft of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him the airport end of this August."

During the meeting, according to a statement of the Government of Karbala, "listening to a detailed explanation by the Chairman of the National Investment Authority and exchanged views on the project.

He attended the session chaired by the President of the provincial council in Karbala Nassif Jassem rhetorical first deputy governor Jassim al-Fatlawi and the General Secretariat of the threshold Hosseinieh bounties company grandsons its Director Commissioner Fawzi Shahir.

The Ministry of Transport delivered in March all the charts, maps, CDs and stereo on a project for the airport of Imam Hussein in Karbala peace delegation Hosseinieh threshold that have adopted the construction of the airport after the crash for years.

Tsamah cost of $ 42 million. "

The Commission announced controls on investment in the Karbala Provincial Council, on the fifth of January last completion of the outer fence of the airport project within the specifications are good. "

This is the airport according to designs drawn up by a French company and cost $ 42 million is the largest international airport in the country in Karbala at a cost of up to $ 2.5 billion, expressing its intention to support the fleet is the latest giant aircraft, doubling the number is three times in 2016, to revive investment in the travel and tourism sector and attract the largest possible number of tourists.

The foundation stone for the project was developed in 2009 south of the city of Karbala, and at a distance of about 20 km towards the province of Najaf, which is a three-stage passenger performs 15 to 20 million passengers annually card.