APICORP: Middle East leads the growth of global demand for natural gas.

03 August 2016 01:34 pm


APICORP Corporation report said, that the Middle East is driving growth in world demand for liquefied natural gas in 2016, expecting to continue that growth with declining domestic gas production and rising regional demand for energy.

The report noted that Egypt and Jordan received the first shipments of liquefied natural gas in 2015, Kuwait is also the first importer of liquefied natural gas in the Gulf region, Bahrain looks forward to build permanent import stations in Abu Dhabi opted for volume and reconvert floating gas as a way to import liquefied natural gas.

LNG importers sought in the area of long term contracts, according to the report, with good prices increase import flexibility, which will support the growing demand in the LNG sector worldwide.

The report said that the Middle East is the second largest importer of gas in the world, despite the dominant role in terms of oil and gas reserves.