The bar is demanding disclosure of the results of the inquiry public Defense Minister charges.

2016/8/3 16:27

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Iraqi Bar Association demanded Wednesday the immediate investigation and integrity engender Highway charges Defense Minister Dr Obeidi involvement of government officials and political figures and corrupt deals and disclose the results to inform Iraqi citizens.

Mohammed Al-Faisal, said the Iraqi Bar Association in a statement {Euphrates news} copy of it today, since more than 13 years and the Iraqi people suffered from theft and waste its wealth with suspicious transactions were done under the tent politics and hiding muggers in corridors until she became the richest country Treasury empty wealth and debts of Iraq continues to increase and became the majority of the Iraqi people under the poverty line for enriching the obscene to people who had helped them to persist in their actions they have believed in punishment. "

"What the Secretary of Defense's allegations of political and governmental charges on corruption deals led to the loss of hundreds of innocent lives and waste of public funds for personal benefits who are supposed to ensure the interest of the country and the citizens, dangerous requires stand has firmly and rigorously, so we demand the immediate and rapid investigation integrity in these accusations and disclose the results to inform the Iraqi citizen."

"The Iraqi Bar Association announces its readiness to participate in any investigative Committee for the purpose of maintaining the transparency and fairness of the investigation and accounting mischief whatever title or affiliations that belong to Iraq."

It is said that Defence Minister Khaled Obeidi accused during questioning on Monday, House speaker Selim Jabouri and Iraqi forces Deputy Mohammed Al karboli of corruption in an arms deal, accused Deputy DG interviewer convert real estate file containing eight lawsuits against it.

His Prime Minister Haider Abadi, on Tuesday, is to prevent the travel of received their names in Ubaydi accusations during questioning.

The speaker said Salim Jabouri Wednesday, filing a lawsuit in a Court of inquiry Defence Minister Khaled Al-Karkh, Al-Obeidi, referring to a team of lawyers to pursue false claims and misleading the public and libel and insult the sovereign State institutions.