The SEC leads the new corruption deal presents a corrupt candidate for the oil Ministry.

Wed, 03 Aug 2016 11:04:41

News/monitor Baghdad.

A source revealed, Wednesday, on the nomination of Titanic on allaibi General Manager of SOC oil Ministry before the Supreme Council, the source said: "Titanic on allaibi resides in Dubai and one of the leading Supreme Council negotiated with him at his home and offered him the oil portfolio."

The source added that "Egypt Supreme Council to nominate allaibi for allaibi, indicating that the oil Ministry on corruption in the integrity the Board invited allaibi to negotiate with him officially agreed to the invitation and present to the Babylon hotel in central Baghdad to negotiate with him."

The oil Ministry has issued an order to exempt the General Director of SOC in Basra Jabbar allaibi from Office and instead appointed a consultant in the Ministry of oil Affairs in the southern region without powers.

After the allaibi exemption from his sharp disagreement broke out between him and the Ministry and Hussain Shahristani offered oil Ministry adviser.

**SOC is the South Oil Company responsible for all the oil in southern Iraq**