The Kuwaiti newspaper: Sunni tribes negotiate ISIS to pull out of the connector


Kurdistan Democratic Party leadership revealed that Sunni tribal leaders within Mosul and Iraqi armed groups leaders conducting dialogues with the leaders in ISIS to persuade her to withdraw to Syria without a fight.

The leadership said that disagreements arose within the ISIS among Iraqi leaders and those in favor of withdrawal to Syria while the leaders of Arab and foreign assets of the Islamic State to oppose the withdrawal and prefer fighting to defend.

He stressed that the International Alliance supported efforts no solution in the connector leading to the withdrawal of "terrorist elements" from the city to the Syrian tenderness, without fighting for two main reasons, the first large international coalition countries have concerns that the battle of Mosul may last for three or four months. The second reason is the fear file displaced civilians. According to the Kuwaiti leadership on the unnamed.

Islamic State dominated the third of Iraq two years ago but since then expelled from many areas like his watering place forces and armed Shiite factions and the army rebuilt slowly with the support of the US-led coalition.