Author: Yasser incumbent

03/08/2016 0:00

Received a seminar « the introduction of the electronic currency trading and cash deal» the economic importance of direct and semantic interest group of business and finance experts and economists and interacted with the event organized by the progress of policy development institute and as usual in the selection of sensitive topics related to seek the requirements of economic reform efforts by the Central Bank of Iraq on the path of preparation to announce the date of implementation of this advanced program in the world for the daily market transactions where the Governor of the Central Bank announced the date of the implementation of the program during 2017.

Central Bank for its part in full readiness, what the expected challenges facing this ambitious program?

perhaps it is useful to note that the success of implementation depends on the arms of the main in Alo'hai banks and financial companies implementation, how many are willing Central subsidy to the success of his ambition?

eight this exact system which envisaged the central bank in dealing with the risks of relying on international companies working advanced international standards, how much time you need beneficiaries of government departments and institutions to respond to and interact with this program should lead to the implementation to the fullest.

as this system has the property of not less important than its predecessors and related leave dealing Balmachi or instruments and carry cash and risks of theft and damage to the large use also allow the citizen Banhaz dealings with all the comfort and pleasure without Reviews and grim Mngsh hustle and the expiration of the time things routine.

This only benefits deserve attention certainly so I said in the vertical Introduction The seminar drew the attention of the elites and specialists, what is required to ensure the success of this program?

Starting to be deepening the culture of dealing electronic currency and the central bank and the ministries the task of civil society organizations of an economic issue, especially the Association of Banks.,

Said the biggest economic task borne by media devices via deepen this culture either pens or Alvdhayah programs and all media outlets believe in the importance of rescuing the economy as well as the lack of adoption of the statements that are trying to put a spoke in the wheel except that there is no possibility of implementation thanks to the efforts of the good.