Southern electricity: Basra while providing energy stability {2950} MW

2016/8/3 13:57

{Basra: Euphrates News}

Director General of electricity distribution southern region Mohammed Abdul Amir, Wednesday, TP Basra while providing energy stability {2950} MW.

Abdul Amir said in a statement today, {Euphrates news} to "loads increased in Basra are at least {3300} MW; but resource available for processing optical citizen no more than {2950} MW being specific network in all regions of the province."

He noted that "most of the Basra power processing stability 5 hours versus one hour cut despite high temperatures and increasing demand for energy," pointing out that "loads are changing in a normal day sometimes we give 24 hours processing for all regions.

"Our network is able to provide 24-hour energy processing", noting that "the production sector is still suffering from suffocation as a result of lower voltages and parameters for the transport network due to accommodate the number of lines and some Crossfire adapters for pregnancy in Basra."

The excellent situation in the province in terms of processing power for citizens relative to the financial situation of the province. "

Electricity distribution Department was north of Basra, on the play station 2 harisa {33/11kv} with {31.5 * 2 mva} under contract to MEW for Schneider, as well as to enter binary 33kv line circle, high feed 133kv Al Hartha station RTS, which is within the emergency plan projects for 2016.