Kaaeidi: Edit 2640 abductees aizidia of "ISIS" and 1400 children detained has

2016-08-03 11:51 a.m.

Dahuk scales news

Alaizidien almkhttakin Office official said Hussein kaaeidi, Wednesday, freeing abducted 2640 aizidia from the grip of the Organization of "ISIS", noting that more than 1400 children killed child custody.

Kaaeidi said at a press conference held in Dohuk, the second anniversary of the terrorist organization Islamic State "control" to spend the Sinjar and his presence/balance of news/that "during the past two years has been edited 2640 abductees and kidnapped aizideh from the grip of ISIS", stating that "the rescue operation was supported by the Government of Kurdistan and some benevolent persons."

He added that "3770 abductees and kidnapped aizideh still in the custody of the Organization", pointing out that he "found 33 mass graves for victims alaizidien.

Kaaeidi said, "there are more than 1400 children killed child receiving drills and the suicidal terrorist acts in Saudi Arabia", stating that "management is trying to use them for terrorist operations."

He noted that "there are more than 400 000 children killed, people displaced from areas of Sinjar and mistress bad situation in the camps and many of them with physical and psychological diseases