Define 7th of August date for current workers ' salaries in Baghdad

2016-08-03 12:36

Baghdad scales news

The Ministry of labour and Social Affairs announced Wednesday that next Sunday's date for secured workers salaries for both categories (manual drainage, smart card holders) for July and August 2016 in Baghdad and the provinces.

Said General Manager retirement service and social security for workers on AJ sweet statement/balance of news copy, "August 7th identified Chamber being secured workers pay date for both categories (manual drainage, smart card holders)",

The statement added that "the circle completed all necessary procedures for the distribution of salaries in coordination with the Rafidain Bank and its branches in Baghdad and the provinces."

He continued, "the total amounts of manual exchange class of more than one billion, three hundred million dinars, with total amounts for class smart card holders more than six billion and 500 million dinars."

He explained that "retired content that has 30 years of service or more receives an amount (600) thousand dinars for just two months, with the pensioner receives has less service (30) year amount (540) thousand dinars."

And AJ, "the family of the deceased that have more than three eligible receive a salary (500) thousand dinars, receive family which has behind a salary amount (480) 000, either the deceased pensioner's family has one, received a salary of $ (460) thousand dinars