Britain: the destruction of a training center for foreigners Daash presidential palace in Mosul

2016/8/3 13:18

[Oan- follow-up]

British fighter jets bombed and the other from the International Alliance Training Center held Daash terrorist gangs in one of the presidential palaces built by the former regime in the city of Mosul.

The British Ministry of Defense said the presidential compound in the city of Mosul, was a "major" command center Daash and to train foreign volunteers.

And used Tornado fighter jets belonging to the British Royal Air Force laser-guided bombs in what he described as British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon "privileged Minutes" carried out the first air strikes on Monday.

The Ministry of Defence has announced a series of operations over the past week the details, including the bombing of the "safe haven" for foreign fighters in Iraq, and "fortified positions terrorist" belonging to Daash near the Syrian-Turkish border.

The ministry's statement said that the two Tornado shot laser-guided missiles of the type 3 Pavoa developed on the presidential palace.

The British Defense said that "intensive surveillance" of the complex reality on the bank of the Tigris River, revealed that the main palace building was used as a venue for the meeting and the establishment of foreign fighters recruited Daash, while using foreign buildings for training and internal security operations "repression" carried out.

She said seven countries have participated in the attack on the compound on Monday afternoon, with initial indications suggest that the mission was a success.

It has announced the recent strikes against Daash details, while visiting British Defence Secretary cadres to participate in the Royal Air Force Base Akrotiri in Cyprus.

Fallon said Pat "Daash lose Following areas for months, and such distinctive strikes that we show and the Alliance will not hesitate, and can be fighters see Daash, foreigners, who grew up in the area, they have become targets inside that this religious group" extremist.

The British Parliament had authorized the British air strikes against al Daash in September / September 2014, Fallon said at the time the parliamentary vote came after the Iraqi government's request for assistance from the United Nations.

In December / December 2015, Britain began air strikes targeting al Daash in Syria after British MPs voted in favor of it.