Investment Authority: focus on the port of Faw and companies considering the liberated areas

2016/8/3 12:37

[Oan- special]

Announced the National Investment Commission, it focused on negotiating with the companies wishing to invest in the project of establishing the port of Faw in Basra province.

The head of the Sami al-Araji, told all of Iraq [where], "our focus at this stage on the port of Faw being very important for Iraq and this is being done in coordination with the Ministry of Transport and the province of Basra."

"There are a number of companies Snkablha in the coming days to see how their desire to implement the Faw port or part of it, in addition to other projects implemented and negotiate them and there coming companies to Iraq to invest in refineries, electricity and fertilizer and petrochemical projects and we share with them, but at different stages of being major projects and billions of dollars ".

Araji, "we are negotiating, without specifying a time limit, but we need not have access to the accepted commitments by both parties."

He pointed out that "the investment map for 2016 is 10 sectors, including oil, industry, housing, electricity, transportation and other and each sector in which the task of major, medium and small, head of projects and we promote them, but it remains dependent on the willingness of investors to it."

"There are housing projects to come and focusing where the liberated areas and made unwilling to these areas offers," stressing that "the contracting mechanism is not the prerogative of the Investment Authority and there are more than one committee so we have been working on the promotion of all projects in the residential areas of housing and infrastructure," noting that " a portion of this investment offers and other specialty of the money given by donors, which was held in the US capital Washington conference. "

The Ministry of Transport has set up in 27 of the July workshop with 13 international companies to invest the project to build the port of Faw in Basra province.

He called on the Minister of Transport Agency Abdul Hussein Abtan international companies to invest in the port, "stressing the importance" to strengthen Iraq's resources in general and especially the people of Basra. "

For his part, head of the Basra Governorate Council Albzona morning in his speech during the workshop, said that "the province would no longer allow to disrupt the establishment of the port of Faw."

The government had estimated earlier, the total cost to complete the project port of Faw, to 4.4 billion euros, has begun implementation of the first phase of which included the establishment of the engineering designs for the eastern and western breaker waves, in 2010.