Body with Disabilities announces categories covered by the law as

2016/8/3 12:03

[Where - Baghdad]

Care for people with disabilities and special needs of the body announced to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Wednesday, for the categories covered by the law as, according to guidelines and instructions.

The spokesman said the body Nader al-Shammari said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "The objective of the Authority, which is seeking to achieve is the inclusion of all disabled in Iraq privileges and exemptions contained in Law No. 38 of 2013 and the different forms and types pathological cases to ensure the provision of humane environment safe and dignified life for all beneficiaries. "

He pointed out that "the categories covered to a certain Emeritus Article 19 of Law No. 38 of 2013 is determined by the degree of disability who prevent meet their normal lives and their requirements by the competent medical committee this, and allocate a certain part-time for each case to inherent disabled and spending needs on an ongoing basis ".

Among Shammari that "the cases covered by the law is the motor disability, visual disability, hearing disability, mental disability, and neurological disabilities, skin diseases, diseases of collagen, tumors and blood diseases, diseases of the urinary system, diseases of HIV, as well as respiratory diseases, diseases of the circulatory system and liver disease. "

And he stressed that "in addition Down syndrome to special cases covered by the law, by members of the board, which was held on Thursday, 28.07.2016 manage authentication," stressing "the need for education and coordinating the media work of the Commission and the categories covered Palmain emeritus and procedures to be carried out during the presentation "