Washington starts "glitter Odessa" in Libya


US planes bombed targets for the organization of the Islamic state in Libya on Monday in response to a request from the UN-backed to help flush out militants from the former stronghold in Sirte, the Libyan government.
The Libyan prime minister winner OS in a statement broadcast on state television already "lost the first of these strikes began the day on specific sites in the city of Sirte updated heavy losses in the ranks of the enemy and its mechanisms." A Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook The strikes have no "end point at this time in particular."
Allied forces have been battling with OS state regulation in Sirte since May / May.
The organization has dominated the city located on the Mediterranean coast in full in the last year and turned it into the most important rule him out of Syria and Iraq, but now boxed in an area of ​​no more than a few kilometers in the city center where he is still in control of strategic several locations, including the university and the main hospital and the hall of the Ouagadougou conference. the United States approved the implementation of a number of air strikes in Libya by the most recent of which targeted a training camp of the organization in the city of Sabratha in the west of the country in February.
Sarraj said in his statement that the presidency of his government decided to "activate our participation" in the international coalition to fight al-Islamic state.
"The Presidential Council decided in his capacity as Supreme Commander of the Libyan army requested direct support from the United States to direct specific air strikes strongholds state regulation (Daash) in the city of Sirte and its environs and direct coordination with the Presidential Council and the leadership of the operating room."
He says, "I would like on this occasion to emphasize to no reason to doubt that the operations at this stage comes at a specified time frame and will not exceed the city of Sirte and its environs." Sarraj said that international support on the ground will be limited to technical assistance and Allojstah.oukal Cook The strikes that President Barack Obama authorized the implementation struck a subsidiary of state regulation tank and two vehicles were constitute a threat to allied forces with the government of national reconciliation.
Cook said he will be in the future format of each individual hit with the unity government, and will need to be approved by the commander of US forces in Africa.
This is the third air strike the United States against the militants of the Islamic state in Libya, but US officials said that the strike represented the beginning of the military campaign going on and not an isolated raid Okhry.utaba Cook "allied with the government of national reconciliation has succeeded in restoring land to organize an Islamic state on Sirte so far the United States will continue to target the organization of additional air strikes in Sirte to enable the government of national reconciliation to hit the terrorist organization. the White House said that US assistance to Libya will be limited to air strikes and exchange of information.
He said White House spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters aboard Air Force One on Monday "there are unique capabilities of our military can be provided to support the troops on the ground and that's what the president wanted to do."
Cook added that air raids on Monday targeted a tank site and two cars of the organization was a threat to the forces of the national reconciliation government.
US and Libyan officials estimate that it is still in Sirte, several hundred of its fighters. And it made battalions composed primarily of gunmen from the city of Misrata toward Sirte in May but their progress slowed because of snipers, mines and booby traps.
These forces have complained of the slow pace of support from the government in Tripoli external forces. And the killing of at least 350 fighters from these forces and wounded more than 1,500 in this campaign.
Libyan fighter jets and has been bombed Sirte but lacked the weapons and technology to guide surgical strikes. A military source "Almrsos architecture" that the fighting is still going on violently inside the presidential palaces Hospitality Complex, as well as significant progress in the second neighborhood inspired Indian buildings.
The source for "new Arab" that the morale "Daash" fighters appeared lower on Monday since, because of the American aviation targeting advanced Besoarejh, regulatory sites accurately. And whether the US Air participated in the battles of yesterday, the source said, "There is an ongoing coordination on select the desired goals, but the US Air strikes did not draw up this time."
So the media office of the process "Almrsos architecture" announced that "Misrata hospital received, on Monday evening, 5 dead and 17 wounded, a result of yesterday's battles."
Shortly after the American Libyan announcement of the start of US air strikes in and around Sirte, revealed an American site air operation launched by the Pentagon in Sirte details, at the request of the Presidential Council of the Government of reconciliation.
And the relocation of Defense News from its sources in the Pentagon, that the air operation, which began yesterday, the first Monday, is the second phase of a comprehensive plan consists of three phases, the Pentagon had approved a few months ago, it was the launch of the second stage yesterday in parallel with the first phase, which was implemented months ago.
According to the site, the plan designed by the American forces in Africa (AFRICOM) to counter the threat of regulation in Libya, and included the first phase, the implementation of intelligence operations and aerial reconnaissance to monitor the locations and movements of regulation. The second phase consists of air strikes carried out by unmanned aircraft, dubbed the name of "the will of Odessa."
It will be the third phase of the plan, known as the "glamor Odessa", through air strikes, will be implemented by American fighter jets, bombed targets "Daash" directly, and more intense.
The leadership of the process architecture Almrsos, has announced, the first Monday evening, welcomed the US assistance for fighting al "Daash" in Sirte, stressing that the military coordination with the US Air Force actually began since yesterday afternoon.
Algbar said Mohammed, a spokesman for the operation, in a televised statement that the US Air strikes began in Sirte on Monday afternoon, directly targeting mechanisms for "Daash", including the T72 tank.