The Times-like Aleppo Sarajevo and criticize "the weakness of the West," about the Syrian crisis

The Times newspaper in its edition on Wednesday, the war department in the Syrian city of Aleppo, with the publication of an article by writer Roger Boys under the title of " the tragedy of Aleppo expose the weakness of the West."
The book says that five of the last nine hospitals in the Syrian city hit in the bombing took place last week, pointing out that 300 thousand of people, including thousands of children, trapped in Aleppo without water or electricity and with the lack of food.
He described the siege Boys "appalling" button in the siege of Aleppo , which struck around the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo from 1992 to 1996, the city suffered through a strict siege on the Bosnian war.
He added that in light of the concern of terrorist attacks which are located in the European continent, "We are losing Aleppo, and when we wake up it will be too late."
The Boise, said Syria 's future depends on what happens in Aleppo, which was a leading trade center in Syria, stressing that Russia understands that, so "provided by Syrian President Bashar al - Asad air and intelligence support , which needs to suppress the resistance there."
The writer warned that US leadership deal with the failure of the Syrian crisis has allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin has an opportunity to support the "brutal Syrian regime."
He said that when the West to cooperate with Putin, it sends a message to the world that it has decided to distance himself from Syria because the crisis has become difficult to resolve.