Accountability Act collide salaries Baathists and "Fedayeen Saddam" and the fate of the body

2016-08-02 21:37:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

May allow a new amendment to the law "accountability and justice", to be put to the vote next week in the House of Representatives, obtaining some of the "Fedayeen Saddam" on pensions.

It is hoped that the recent amendment allows to pass the law without opposition from Sunni forces, waiting for " a Shiite pledge" took a pass against the "banning of the Baath" law , which was passed earlier this week.

Nevertheless, the continuing differences over the fate " of the accountability," and expand the number of beneficiaries of pensions, elements of the former regime devices.

And the voice of the House of Representatives, on Saturday, a law "banning the Baath , " while decided to include the "Accountability Act" at the hearing next week after he finished the second reading.

The MP said Ahmed Massari, the head of the coalition forces, in his intervention during the meeting, said that "modifying the law of accountability is very important being a political agreement to form a government laws."

The Shiite parties pushed a law (banning the Baath) in response to the (Justice and Accountability), which was part of the paper 's political agreement, which was formed in the light of the Government of Haider al - Abadi in September 2014.

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided, in February 2015, to postpone the discussion of ( the law of accountability and banning Baath Party) - it was then named this Alchukl- until further notice, due to the size differences on some of its clauses.

And it included a draft of the new law, 22 articles, on behalf of (Project Justice and Accountability Act) after the lifting of the phrase (and banning of the Baath) from the old draft, which is considered by coalition forces , "otherwise it is important."

The six Sunni ministers had refused, in February 2015, passing amendments (ablation) Act within the Council of Ministers, because of fears of becoming a "trap" to punish opponents of the government on charges of belonging to the Baath Party.

The coalition forces - the political umbrella for the year in Iraq hopes to be canceled Act (accountability and justice in full), being converted into a court file, and not put extension in the law provides for banning of the Baath Party , "without clear controls."

The final draft of the Accountability Law provides for the replacement of the current Commission for Accountability and Justice, and the problem in accordance with the Law No. 10 of 2008, another of the same name, according to a new law, and the movement with all the rights and previous commitments and former employees as well.

New proposals

No longer put Accountability Act, has until the recent settlement in the parliament, which led to the passing of a law ( the Baath ban).

Reveals MP Mohammed Naji, a member of the reconciliation committee and parliamentary accountability, that the committee has taken some of the proposals on the law, most notably the "raising exceptions."

Confirms Naji, he said that "raising exceptions also came from the desire of MPs years objected to the large number of officers and soldiers in the army and police who have returned to their posts because of those actions."

But a member of the reconciliation committee, accountability says that " the problem that may arise in the way of legislation Accountability Act relating to pensions , " pointing to " the desire of coalition forces to expand the number of beneficiaries who were part of the former regime, including devices belonging to the formation of the Saddam Fedayeen."

He continues , Nagy said , "National Alliance blocks can not give each associate to this device dissolved pensions," but asserts that his committee is studying a proposal to grant retirement to students or officers or employees who were transferred to a compulsory Fedayeen Saddam device.

Reconciliation Commission also faces another problem in estimating the value of the salaries of some Baathists, and select the previous degree of functional. As MP for the Bloc Bader says that "some Baathists turned-director general or deputy minister because of his affiliation to the Baath and we did not resolve to give him a salary to any degree."

The fate " of the accountability . "

Conversely Shiite forces still refuses to resolve "the accountability", which is one of the main demands of the coalition forces. He says the reconciliation committee member , said " the problem of the body in accordance with the constitutional article 135 , which indicates that the body be resolved by the end of its tasks."

Naji and asserts that "the accountability front of her files , and many documents for consideration, and will not be resolved until she comes and says it has terminated its business, or to provide a definitive list of names covered by their actions."

And demanding the Sunni forces determine the timeframe in order to provide the Commission a final list of associates of the Ba'ath Party, that is not modified or removed afterwards.

Says MP Mohammad Naji The Sunni parties estimated one - year period to end the work of the Commission. Which it is rejected by the Shiite forces, because they fear that "passes Baathist legal accountability procedures or did not apply to him banning the party."

Commitments to the rule of law

On the other hand indicate the triumph of the MP - Jubouri, a member of coalition forces, said the faction will vote on the law of accountability with the proposed amendments on the fate of (the accountability), and other changes demanded by the alliance.

Confirms al - Jubouri, he said , "Ali al - Adeeb, Head of State of Law bloc in parliament, vowed to coalition forces by passing the law of accountability."

But MP Ali al - Badri, the head of the Dawa Party bloc - the organization of the interior, confirmed that " the pledge made ​​a presentation on the law to vote and not pass it ."

He says al - Badri, said in a statement that " the deputies coalition forces , who withdrew in the vote on the law banning the Baath session, returned after receiving assurances."

The National Alliance confirms that "those assurances included a pledge to put the law of accountability and justice on the agenda of next Tuesday 's session to vote."

But MP Badri does not see that the bill will face rejection likely that "are some of the amendments put then passes after that."