Urgent .. Immigration Minister: re-displaced people of Fallujah needs three months

Twilight News / Minister of Displacement and Migration said Jassim Mohammed re-displaced people of Fallujah to the city may take about three months.
This came during a press conference held by the Minister of Immigration today during his visit to the district of Fallujah, accompanied by Chairman of the displaced and deported parliamentary Raad Aldhlki and a number of members of the Committee and in the presence of members of the Supreme Committee for the Relief and sheltering the displaced and Humanitarian Coordinator of the United Nations Lisa Grande and organizations working in the United Nations. Iraqi forces have managed to restore the city of Fallujah from the grip Daash last June.
Immigration and Qwazzar during the conference, and I followed Twilight News, he said that the damage in the city of Fallujah, the proportion is generally not considerable ability, it is possible to rehabilitate basic services through the hard work of this by the United Nations organizations and development program for the purpose of rehabilitation of basic services, which included Alozrkih water, which will start workstation its soon to directly inject water into the city's neighborhoods, the rehabilitation of the power plant by the organization (undp) in the coming days, and the rehabilitation of a main task of bridges linking the east side west side of the city. The minister added that next week will direct one of the British companies to raise mine from the city of Fallujah, this process tops the list of priorities of the ministry to ensure the safety of families returning to the city. For its part, appealed to the Humanitarian Coordinator of the United Nations Lisa Grande international community to stand with the people of Fallujah and to begin to help them as soon as possible, Mukdh presence of the United Nations today in Fallujah in order to launch the Great to its project to restore civil rehabilitation in coordination with the Ministry of Displacement and Migration and stakeholders.