Citizen poses (political technocrats) and nominate two characters from the Basra oil transportation

2016-08-02 07:07:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Citizen Bloc announced its adherence to the nomination of personalities who have made ​​up their (political technocrats) with indicated that they nominate within this framework , independent figures from the province of Basra for the offices of the ministries of transport and oil and two each of the Jabar and coffee for the post of oil minister Kazem cup to fill the portfolio of the Ministry of Transport.

The leader of the bloc , Fadi al - Shammari said in a statement that there is an understanding about assigning ministries to technocrats and political blocs, offering independent candidates for prime minister from outside the masses.

The statement Shammari at a time Kazem expressed the cup is ready for the assumption of the transport bag, he has the experience that qualifies him to run the ministry and the advancement of the Department of the Navy, air and land transport enterprises, but pointed out that the nomination of the mass of the citizen not been matched by any government response yet.