Saudi forces on the border with Yemen -orhev

Unannounced meetings in Kuwait to discuss a new truce between the rebels and Saudi Arabia

Roudao - Erbil
A spokesman for the Yemeni Houthi movement, the head of the delegation met consultations Kuwait, Mohammed Abdul Salam, on Monday evening, with the Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al Jaber, the presence of military leaders from both sides to discuss the "calm" on the border.
Sources close to Houthi sources said the meeting discussed the explosion of the military situation on the border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, which entered its third week, adding that the meeting discussed entering into a new truce and activate committees calm and coordination of the cease-fire, which was formed in Dhahran Nissan past, has not commented Arabia on the news.
And exploded the military situation on the border, more than two weeks, after calming led by tribal leaders several weeks continued and resulted in a ceasefire and an exchange of prisoners and disarmament of the hundreds of mines, planted by militants al-Huthi and the forces of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.