Units to protect civilians announces the killing of more than two thousand Turkish security element and 363 of its fighters

. It said units to protect Turkey 's Kurdish civilians, for the tally of the results of the confrontations between them and the Turkish forces during the year limit, and while stressing the killing 2218 security element Turkey and wounding another element 690 were injured, said the killing of 363 of their fighters.
It included statistics announced by the units in a statement, the destruction of 864 military armored wheel and dropping 65 aircraft spy-type "Dronih."
She noted that these statistics cover the period from July 24 last year in 2015 up to 23 of the last in July 2016, a result of the clashes and military operations in the cities and regions of the island and Diyarbakir and Hzach and Sloppy and Krburan and گfr and Vargin and Chernakh and Dirk and Baglr and Bismil and Nusaybin and Kosr and Siirt and Wan and گmگm.
The units protect civilians (YPS) was formed in December 20 2015 with a majority Kurdish areas in the January 8, 2016 has been formed units to protect civilians / women, and in the January 25, 2016 has been the establishment of the overall coordination of the units to protect civilians body