Deputy calls for the dissolution of parliament and reveals the deal: The Next worst

MP for the coalition of state law , Judge Mahmoud al - Hassan judiciary and public prosecution by moving the proceedings and to take legal action against MPs who have been charged in the parliament session on Monday.
The session saw yesterday sensation after questioning Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi , who face a series of charges against a number of MPs , including Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , prompting the latter to form a committee and leave the platform presidency and entrusted his deputy Aram Sheikh Mohammed.
He ordered Haider Abadi , the Iraqi prime minister, to investigate the accusations , which sparked Obeidi.
He accused al - Obeidi, during questioning in parliament, the parliament speaker Salim al Bmsahumich secured a contract worth more than a trillion Iraqi dinars.
He also accused al - Obeidi, MP for the coalition forces , Haider Mulla Bmsahumich sums of money in return for the withdrawal request filed by a former interrogation MP Hanan al.
He called for the rule of law , Mahmoud Hussein , in an interview, to "resolve the legislature or stop work because they become ineligible to carry out its functions , " adding that " the next worst." He says.
The promise of what was issued charges against a number of MPs "criminal offenses fall under the heading of financial corruption, calling on the judiciary to" assume its responsibilities towards these crimes and prosecute the perpetrators and put an end to the constitutional and legal violations in the House of Representatives , which began to take no action membership objector them of Representatives health, and ended with scandals session yesterday".
He added that "there are confessions broadcast by the media included a display bribes and cover - up, which requires urgent action to achieve the crimes."
Hassan felt that these confessions "marred the reputation of the House of Representatives, which can not be with the continuation of the work of this institution as discredited in front of the Iraqi people , regardless of the adequacy of the evidence or not."
He said al - Hassan that "there are almost certainly indicating that there is news of a deal agreed between some of the political blocs on an amnesty law for three thousand terrorists who have been sentenced to death for carrying out bombings claimed the lives of more than 100,000 citizens," he says.