Baghdad Investment launches 32 investment opportunity at more than a billion dollars

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It launched from the Investment Commission of Baghdad Monday 32 investment opportunity worth more than a billion dollars, saying that it will provide all the important facilities to investors.

The head of the Shaker Zamili Visrih told Alsumaria News and I followed the economy News that "the Commission announced 32 investment opportunity in Baghdad in the initiative is the first of them being launched away from the bureaucratic and administrative red tape," he said, adding that "the investment value of these investment opportunities will exceed one billion dollars."

He Zamili, that "investment opportunities in various sectors will include residential and tourism, health, education and other sectors such as," noting that "the Commission will provide all facilities to the investor in order to expedite the establishment of such an important project."

The Iraqi parliament approved in October 2006 Iraqi investment law, but that many foreign companies are still hesitant because of fear of the security reality unstable in Iraq, in addition to the presence of some of the paragraphs is attractive for investment despite the amendment to the law in 2010.

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