Halbusi for "Economy News" increased government non - oil revenues of the priorities of our work

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Economy News / special

MP Mohammed Halbusi Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, said that the government increase non - oil revenues will be one of the priorities of the Finance Committee for the next stage through continued work and the issuance of a number of laws to ensure this matter and activating the supervisory role

Halbusi confirmed in an interview for "Economy News", he will be working on the follow - up to what has been approved in the federal budget for this year and previous years under several items were approved to increase the state treasury of non - oil revenues and the extent of the commitment of the concerned authorities apply .

Halbusi confirmed that " the financial and economic crisis experienced by the country puts the Parliamentary Finance Committee at the forefront Almtsidin to promote the financial and economic performance of the Iraqi banking efficiency , which requires more effort and Executive and Legislative collaboration to overcome the current crisis .

The President of the Finance Committee parliament that " the next stage will be the work of the stage, coordinate and cooperate in the national context and in the framework of subsidies, grants and international aid and mechanics employed and rational use and to achieve optimal use which restores the economy and financial status of Iraq recover ".

The face of MP Mohammed Halbusi thanks and gratitude for the confidence of his colleagues in the Finance Committee , and elected him president and MP Faleh applicable Vice President according to a mechanism democracy by opening the door for nomination for the positions and voting by secret ballot, pledging to work as one team to promote the role of the Finance Committee and to provide the best for our people and support the Iraqi economy and hard work to increase government revenues .

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