Agriculture: launch of peasants and farmers benefits from senior seeds producers

Baghdad the balance of news

The Ministry of agriculture confirmed Monday, launching the dues of peasants and farmers from the producers of seeds of higher ranks.

According to a statement received/balance of news, a copy of it, that "the Ministry strongly supports claims farmers get required financial benefits paid by the Ministry of Commerce and late two years ago and that their crops had been received by the Ministry of Commerce.

He added, "the Council of Ministers agreed to launch a $ 75 billion dinar added to another $ 15 billion of the total amount becomes 90 billion dinars, which will be distributed to farmers of senior and seed producers who make up a significant proportion of farmers in Iraq."

The Ministry said that "the amounts to be distributed in the form of two parts where the first instalment will be distributed in the next few days and covers about 50% of dues, with the second installment will be released later, and that the Ministry of agriculture has fulfilled all its obligations regarding the benefits farmers and their crops were received by the Ministry's seed companies."